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About Me

My name is skpacman (that's "s-k-pac-man"), or you can just call me "pac" or Steve. I am a part-time content creator primarily focusing on Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok. I have a day job as a mechanical engineer and software developer, and I'm a father of three special-needs kids, so that takes priority over my content. I've been making videos and streaming since 2016 and have learned a substantial amount about video production, video editing, live production, social marketing, web development, and creative processes over my time as a creator. I tend to focus on quality time with the community I'm building over the actual numbers and growth metrics. People and connections are more important to me than "making it big". Over time, I've learned that you have to be happy with your content, confident in your approach, and unapologetically you to connect with your audience. Originally, my goal was to be a recognized brand on the internet, but that has evolved into the love of creation and being a beacon of goofy "dad energy".

What will you find on my streams?

Lots of dad vibes. As a father of three special-needs children, I try to bring that energy into every aspect of my life. I find it easy to connect with people when I'm being that bear hug, shoulder to cry on, defender, goofy goober, but also stern, honest, and trustworthy human. I also absolutely LOVE spicy foods and will regularly do spicy challenges when we reach channel or charity goals.

As far as content goes, I play games I'm passionate about. Indie games, smaller studios, and AAA games are all in my wheelhouse. I usually stick to puzzle games, rhythm games, racing games, some extreme sports, and occasionally dabble in horror. Some common games you'll see me play are Beat Saber, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Forza Horizon, Burnout: Paradise, Bendy and The Ink Machine, and any other interesting and thought-provoking games that peak my interest.


Most of my family and friends land squarely inside of the LGBTQIA+ and I'm surrounded by all walks of life. I, myself, am a bisexual. My community is a welcoming and loving group of diverse people that don't see anyone's sexual orientation or gender expression as something to be debated. I try to foster a community that is uplifting and supportive, no matter what your preferences are. This is a safe space full of loving people, and I intend to keep it that way.


We are passionate about helping out those in need through secure and trustworthy systems like Tiltify. Some charities that we frequently have campaigns for are New Story, The Trevor Project, AbleGamers, Joyful Heart Foundation, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and TWLOHA.


While my goals for content creation since I started in 2016 have evolved, I've always stuck to my guns: Build a community full of loving and supportive people, then do great things with their help.

I wouldn't have a community to do things with if it weren't for the friends and loved ones we've held onto through the journey.

Social Media

While I'm not very active on social media, I do post when I go live and some updates about my life and things happening around me. So if you're into that, go ahead and follow there. Otherwise, the best place to talk to me in realtime is Discord.
For business contact, please use my email (the envelope icon below) or use the contact form.

Contact Me

The best way to contact me is to find me on my social medias (above), but for business communications I prefer an email. You can either send an email to [email protected] or fill out the form on this page. If you're reaching out on social media, my DM's are always open.