Channel Changes!

I recently shared this on stream but putting it in writing seems a bit more final, y’know?

Big changes! In list form!

  1. We will be supporting a charity through tiltify (or the like) every month from now on. The community will pick what charity we donate to every month! In doing so, the next big change will shock you.
  2. I will no longer be accepting donations/tips through streamlabs or Ko-fi. The option has been completely disabled on those platforms so don’t even try it.
  3. Fan funding will now be restricted to twitch subscriptions, bits, and merch through streamlabs. This is so we focus the donations and tips where it counts: charity.
  4. I will be promoting others that are doing charities more, especially those giving to the same charity we are.

This will be in affect as of 3/10/19 and we’ll have a permanent bar for the donations and a panel under the stream!

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