3 Years Of Content

Holy crap. Has it been 3 years already? I started my channel on 5/19/16 but didn’t upload my first video until 6/11/16.

It feels like I’ve been doing this forever. It’s been a long and rough ride so far and I’ve had a lot of ups and downs.

I made a video a while ago about my channel’s origin, and I’ve talked about my channel and friends and what I wanted to do with this thing.

I guess after 3 years, my views and expectations from this have changed. When I started, I was looking up to the big channels who do this for a living, thinking that I could do it too. I genuinely thought I had what it takes to “make it”.

I’ve built a pretty solid community, moved my main content to twitch, started doing charity work, have been to a gaming expo, and met some of the best indie game devs in the business.

See? Ups and downs.

But in the vast sea of millions upon millions of creators, you have to be truly unique in order to even be noticed. You have to either have an interesting gimmick that keeps people coming back, or have the money to spend on your channel in order to stay relevant. I have neither of those things. I am not unique in the grand scheme of this thing. Do you know how many “family men” and “family first” or “part time” creators there are out there? MILLIONS!

The only truly unique thing I’ve done with my channel is I was the first person to hack Bendy and the Ink Machine, and I didn’t even utilize that to its full potential.

That missed opportunity is how my channel has gone, day after day, week after week… You get it. Looking back on my channel, I see a ton of fun and friends and games, but I also see a chronicle of missed opportunities and failed ambition.

I’ve long since given up on making content creation my full-time job, but I still love doing it for my viewers, friends, and playing fun games. It’s become a hobby that I just enjoy doing and don’t really care about money or fame or notoriety.

Thank you, everyone, for being here, for reading this, for being awesome, for giving to the charities I promote, for supporting my channels, and for having fun with me.

I won’t be making content forever, but I hope to keep going for a while, at least.

I’ll figure this out eventually.

Love you guys. Take care.

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