The move to Mixer

You’ll notice I recently stopped streaming on Twitch. Don’t worry, I’m still streaming and plan to do so for a long time 🙂

I’ve moved my main content over to Mixer for several reasons. I won’t get into those reasons here but let’s just say I’m disappointed in how Twitch is handling their top channels and how us “smaller” channels seem to be ignored, unpromoted, and…… you get the drift.

This marks a new chapter in my online life. One where I get the creative freedom I crave with the treatment from the parent company and greater community I believe I (and our community) deserve.

if you have a mixer account! I’d love to see you there!

I’m also attempting to put together a giveaway to help promote the channel and some key members in our community! Keep an eye out for when that goes up! It’ll be posted on whatever giveaway website I’m able to use and be embedded here on my site (and possibly on my Mixer page) for all to see!

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