Taking a break (a month later…)

So, the new baby I had been talking about for the past year was born 3 weeks early on October 21st. She’s healthy and growing, so no worries there.

Before the baby was born I had talked about taking a break from creating content (streaming, videos, social media, discord, etc) and since the baby was born early, that break had to start early.

It feels weird not streaming and stuff. At night, I feel like I should be doing something other than sitting on the couch for hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddling the baby and helping my wife. It’s a joy taking care of things for her so she can focus on the kids. I just feel like she’s got it handled pretty well most of the time.

So, my return to streaming will be a slow build-up. A slow burn. Inching back into streaming. It’ll take a long time because adding a 3rd child to the house effectively makes it 10x the work.

Either way. Keep an eye on my socials and discord for when I’ll be streaming. I’m going to start uploading all of my streams, unedited, to YouTube either on my original channel or on a new one. We’ll see about that one.

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