Taking a break (a month later…)

So, the new baby I had been talking about for the past year was born 3 weeks early on October 21st. She’s healthy and growing, so no worries there.

Before the baby was born I had talked about taking a break from creating content (streaming, videos, social media, discord, etc) and since the baby was born early, that break had to start early.

It feels weird not streaming and stuff. At night, I feel like I should be doing something other than sitting on the couch for hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddling the baby and helping my wife. It’s a joy taking care of things for her so she can focus on the kids. I just feel like she’s got it handled pretty well most of the time.

So, my return to streaming will be a slow build-up. A slow burn. Inching back into streaming. It’ll take a long time because adding a 3rd child to the house effectively makes it 10x the work.

Either way. Keep an eye on my socials and discord for when I’ll be streaming. I’m going to start uploading all of my streams, unedited, to YouTube either on my original channel or on a new one. We’ll see about that one.

DLive : my honest review

The other day I saw an old friend from Vidme post on Twitter about streaming on a service called “DLive”. (If you remember the ye olde Vidme days, bless you.) I decided to blindly check it out LIVE. Just jumped right in and learned about it while I was streaming there.

Immediately, I noticed a big difference from Twitch but couldn’t really put my finger on it. Less competitive? More inviting? One of the global mods even hopped into the stream, was incredibly helpful and kind, and even gifted some of the site’s currency! (Which we’ll cover in a sec)

I mean, how many streaming sites would you see a global mod jump into a streamer’s first ever stream and be that awesome? None. DLive was the first. Also, Cheech (the mod) is awesome. Just putting that out there.

What really sets DLive apart from other streaming services is their unique monetization platform. You earn “Lino Points” just from watching a stream. You earn them faster by interacting with the streamers, and even faster by being a streamer! Like, “Holy crap I can get paid to watch streamers?!?” kind of revelation. The viewer doesn’t even have to spend any money at all to support their favorite streamers. They just have to be active in the stream and boom there’s awesomeness.

Your Lino Points translate to a cryptocurrency that isn’t quite public yet which, at the time of writing this, is worth appx ¢1.22 per point (USD) compared to ¢1.0 per bit on Twitch. You can cash out your points for PayPal monies, cryptocurrency, put them back into the community by donating to streamers, or “lock” them which is basically like investing your hard-earned points into the site’s “stock”.

The best part is, DLive isn’t owned by some massive corporation or greedy rich person CEO. The people who run the site are streamers and devs. And that’s why you get the most possible out of your Lino Points and some corporation doesn’t take a huge cut to line their pockets. Win-Win, right?

Not quite. There are still a lot of features I’d like to see refined like downloading past streams (had some serious issues with it), live transcoding (for those who have less-than-average internet speeds), and a few other optimizations that I’ll be sure to pass on to the Dev team.

So, the biggest question would be “Would skpacman leave Twitch for DLive?”

The short answer is no. I may have started on YouTube and slowly moved to Twitch, but moving again would hurt the pacdot community right now. I’ll still be giving twitch my priority attention, and I’ll still be posting highlights from twitch to YouTube, I’m just dipping my toe into DLive just to see what the site is like. If things progress there at a reasonable pace, I’ll take another look at moving at a later date.

Feel free to follow me on DLive! I’ll be posting some videos and past stream highlights there along with streaming there semi-regularly!

My birthday

So this Wednesday is my birthday and we have this tradition at work. The person whom is celebrating their birthday must bring donuts in for the rest of their department. Good tradition!

Also for this year’s birthday celebration, I planned on streaming most of the night and at least part of it will be with my mom.

Oh yeah, I bought bus tickets for my mom to come see me this week. She’ll be in a few streams and recordings this week (as long as my voice comes back)

I also know if I tell you guys to not buy me presents and games and do stuff on twitch that you’re going to do it anyway, so thank you if you do feel generous enough to ignore my request.

Thank you, everyone, for helping me get through being sick this past week. It means a lot to me.