Fan Funding

I’m happy you’re here!

So, if you want to support my channels and efforts in a monetary way, there are several ways. Below is a listing of things you can do that support my streams and YouTube channel!

The biggest thing you can do to support is spread the word and get more people here! Retweeting my stuff on twitter, sharing on discord, and just getting your friends here is the best way!

Ways to support me!

  • Giving bits on twitch
  • Subscribing to me on twitch
    • You can sub for FREE using Twitch Prime (link your Amazon Prime to your Twitch account for this!)
    • Tier 1: $5/mo
    • Tier 2: $10/mo
    • Tier 3: $25/mo
  • Buying merch!
    • You support the channel in the most direct way possible AND you get cool stuff in return!
  • [NEW] Patreon!
    • Discord roles, special stuff, and so much more depending on the tier you choose!