My birthday

So this Wednesday is my birthday and we have this tradition at work. The person whom is celebrating their birthday must bring donuts in for the rest of their department. Good tradition!

Also for this year’s birthday celebration, I planned on streaming most of the night and at least part of it will be with my mom.

Oh yeah, I bought bus tickets for my mom to come see me this week. She’ll be in a few streams and recordings this week (as long as my voice comes back)

I also know if I tell you guys to not buy me presents and games and do stuff on twitch that you’re going to do it anyway, so thank you if you do feel generous enough to ignore my request.

Thank you, everyone, for helping me get through being sick this past week. It means a lot to me.

New stuff!

You’ll notice the new circle buttons under my GIANT face over there –►
Yep. Those are actual buttons you can press… well… most of them. Still working out linking them or what to do with inactive stuff.

Next is the totally awesome footer I added. It’s filled with stuff… and things…

Finally, I embedded my Twitch stream in the site! There will be a popup in the top right of the website when I go live so you can click on that and it takes you directly to my stream OR you can click on the handy dandy Twitch link up there somewhere and it’ll take you to a page on this site that has the stream embedded with chat!

Still got lots of cool stuff to add to the site so if you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. I’m interested to see what all you guys want to see on the site!